A Rock Concert for Entrepreneurs!

We’re heading to Montreal next week for the International Startup Festival. It’s like a rock concert for entrepreneurs. I am keynoting the event on Thursday morning from the “Inspiration” stage. The Festival team gave me a great challenge–talk about how entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of a city.

At first, I feared that this would just result in a sloppy Valentine to self-absorbed startup culture. But as I dug into it, I realized that many great American (and yes Canadian) cities have been shaped by the drive and ambition of entrepreneurs. In addition to Silicon Valley, think about Pittsburgh, Detroit, Hollywood and even Montreal. I don’t want to kill my own punchline by giving away the whole speech before I deliver it but it should be fun.

Stay tuned. I’ll not only talk about the entrepreneurial urge but the reinvention imperative that I believe is even more important.

I am just a small part of a great program. If you can get to Montreal, it should be a great time and a great event. Join us!!