INC.Com Profile of the Brilliant Turnaround at Topix

I can’t pretend to be objective about Topix or the job that Chris Tolles, their CEO, has done. I am part of the team and Chris’s number one fan.

After a strong ten year run as a news aggregator and community discussion board site, the business was challenged by changes in the marketplace. Rather than bitch and moan as some managers would and have done, Chris and his team re-engineered the business.  It’s now several times bigger and much more profitable than it was prior to the turnaround.  It’s also beautifully aligned with where the media and ad business is heading. They’ve done the hardest thing, built a profitable, fast growing media business that’s funded by programmatic ads. The secret is that Topix has always invested in technology. I have had a front row seat from the Topix Board of Directors.

Here’s a link to the Inc.Com Profile About Topix