IntraMon Receives InventorOR Visionary Award Sponsored by HMTA

We are pleased to announce that IntraMon is the winner of the 2020 Visionary Award at the InventOR competition.

InventOR is an annual competition among inventors and entrepreneurs at Oregon’s universities and colleges. Teams from across the state presented their ideas and prototypes for everything from marshmallow guns to rocketry.

IntraMon has developed a wireless sensor that can be implanted in any tubular structure that is implanted in the body. That sensor can detect any blockage in those systems. This device is most essential to address problems with heart disease–the leading killer of adults.

HMTA began sponsoring the Visionary Award in 2019 to recognize InventOR teams that come to the competition with bold, ideas that have the potential to really change the world. IntraMon is a perfect example of the type of ambition that we wanted to recognize.