Peter C. Horan

Peter C. Horan is an investor, operator and advisor with a history of building successful media and internet businesses.

He has played a role in six major revolutions in media and technology including: home video games; personal computers; cell phones; Windows computing; internet; and mobile computing.

As a CEO and independent director he has been part of nine profitable exits in the last fifteen years totaling approximately $2 billion in value and $4 billion in public market value creation. He has also been on the buy-side of almost a billion dollars in acquisitions.

He was previously: President and COO of Answers, Corp.; CEO of IAC Media and Advertising; CEO of; CEO of, CEO of Goodmail Systems, and CEO of DevX. He is currently or has been on the board of directors of Lending Tree,, Spirited Media, Topix, AdZerk and Outdoor Project.

He has served on the board of directors of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Online Publishers Association. Peter is an active outdoorsman and environmentalist and is active in the Sierra Club, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and Glen Canyon Institute.

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